We’re a band called The Treble, and we’ve been around for a little while. We started young and burned bright. We got swept up by people in our lives and in the industry telling us what to do, and what to say.

It’s funny, but when you finally stop being unsure of who you are and kind of just realize that you’re already yourself, everything starts to align.

We finally got to a point where we looked at each other and said, “Okay, enough already. Let’s just allow this band to sound the way it’s meant to sound.” We stopped trying to water things down and chase what other people told us to and instead the best version of ourselves we ever could have imagined began to shine through.

Not too long ago, a bar we used to frequent back home in Winnipeg got torn down and replaced by some condos.

It got us thinking of all the crazy times and experiences that people must have had there.

Breakups, fights, new connections.

It made us think of young love – the kind that burns too bright and could never last.

That’s what “Saturday Night” is about.

We are happy to be able to show you the version of us, we’re the most proud of. Thanks for for listening.

The Treblehttp://www.thetrebleband.com

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