TERRORKULT was formed in 2005 by Brad. A 3 track demo was released the same year. Eventually TERRORKULT attracted the attention of German label Barbarian Wrath with their raw brand of USBM located somewhere in the admittedly small room between GRAVEWЬRM, GRAND BELIAL’S KEY, NUNSLAUGHTER and WARHORDE. On 14th April the debut full length, “Crush The Pious” was unleashed to destroy all!

Line up:
Brad: All

1. Terror Rises To Once More Dominate 03:20
2. Crush The Pious 01:42
3. Holocaust On Humanity 02:09
4. Goatwar 02:32
5. Indomitable Supremacy 02:44
6. Nihilistic Commands 02:36
7. Warriors Ov Torment 02:08
8. Merciless Slaughter 02:42
9. Domination Ov The Holy 03:56
10. The Bearded Hustlers 06:34
11. Nihilistic Commands (live) 02:32
12. The Final Order Ov Doom (live) 04:16
13. Blaspheme Campaign (live) 03:46






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