The wait is finally over, StoneWire have started work on their second studio album.

It has been 3 years since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album When The Crow Flies and despite a line-up change on guitar the band have continued to go from strength to strength. Now that StoneWire are fully settled, this hard rocking five piece are ready to take the next step.

Sky Hunter says “we are super excited about the new material. It feels just as magical as it did the first-time round when we were working on WTCF. We just have a great chemistry between us and understand each other musically. I cannot wait to get the new songs out there.” and bass man Steve Briggs adds “we have a unique way of writing, all in the studio together, with one of us bringing an initial riff or melody and a song will gradually form around it as we bounce ideas off each other, it’s certainly worked for us so far”

Image: Ben Tatham                                        Image: Ben Tatham

To bridge the gap until the final release, which is scheduled for later in 2018, StoneWire have decided to give their fans a unique insight into the writing process and the progress of the album.

As of January, StoneWire Sunday will take place every month or so where a snippet of a new song will be introduced with a short video.

Each instalment will come with a bit of background information on how the song developed and some explanation of the meaning behind the lyrics

Image: Ben Tatham                                        Image: Ben Tatham

Here is a taster of what’s to come Click Here

StoneWire Line-Up:
Sky Hunter – Vocals
Gaz Annable – Guitar
Duncan Greenway – Guitar
Steve Briggs – Bass
Rob Glasner – Drums

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