North Devon rockers Stellar Fox have released their first EP entitled Rip It Up recorded at none other than their local hangout Saunton Road Studios. Having just 5 tracks on it I really didn’t know what to expect. The young lads proved that even though they are only 17, they can certainly rock it with the best of them.

Even though it’s a short EP, it has it all. From the ballad ‘Butterflies’ to the classic pure rock sound of ‘Love Machine’, the EP has clever acoustics, some real great rock riffs and some bad ass baselines that wouldn’t be out of place on an Iron Maiden track. It also has possibly the longest crescendo I’ve ever heard.

Every song has a unique sound to it too which also proves their ability to be confident playing any style.

‘Love Machine’ sounds just like it was penned and played my Marc Bolan himself. A very T Rex sounding tune and it totally works – again keeping a modern sound to it but also having that classic rock vibe.  You’ll even find a little punk influence on this EP.

So if you like bands such as The Who, Led Zeppelin, T Rex and even more recent bands like The White Stripes, then you’re in for a treat with this teaser of an EP.

Totally looking forward to a full length album guys!!


This has been a Tony Hebbletwaite / Emma Painter Production for Rock ‘N’ Load


Track listing 

1 Rip it Up

2 Hot to the touch

3 Strawberry jam

4 Love Machine

5 Butterfly


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