Sinforce were founded in 2013 by singer and guitarist Andreas Leyer as a soloproject. In 2014 Sinforce released the debutalbum ‘End Of Tomorrow’ which had been well observed by the international metalpress. During the writing process for the next album it came out clearly that Sinforce were not supposed to be a one man army. 2016 Robin Steffens (bass), Tobias Schaaf (guitar) and Robert Braune (drums) joined the band and Sinforce got a really intensive chemistry. At fall of 2016 the band entered the studio and started the recordings for the second album ‘Salvation Avenue’ which had been finished in 2017.

Sinforce play Melodic Powermetal in tradition of bands like Helloween, Gamma Ray or Edguy. Hard and fast guitar riffs meet melodic doubleleads, virtous soli, powerfull bass and drums. Overall enthrone the vocals of singer Andreas Leyer who had often been compared with vocalist like Geoff Tate, Michael Kiske or Tobias Sammet.

Band Line-Up:
Andreas Leyer (Vocals, Guitar)
Tobias Schaf (Lead Guitar)
Robin Steffens (Bass)
Robert Braune (Bass)

CD Track Listing:
01 Dream Collector
02 Crown Of Thorns
03 New World Rising
04 Salvation Avenue
05 Victim Of Time
06 Fairy Tales
07 Digital Slaves
08 Serpents Of Night
09 When Silence Remains
10 Let The World Explode

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Band/artist: Sinforce
Album Title: Salvation Avenue
Label: Independent
Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Melodic Power Metal

The second album of the new force of german power metal

Influences for the album:
Helloween, Gamma Ray, Queensryche, Fates Warning


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