Norwegian band, The Naveblues, pride themselves on eccentric sounds and the marriage of a myriad of musical genres. They have crafted a sound that demands to be heard, lulling into a rootsy blues style before rocketing to an electrifying indie rock anthem. Their ample use of the harmonica, often used where lyrics and melodies typically exist, is another defining differentiated when it comes to their sound. 
“Possess You” Official Video

Their newest single, “Possess You” incorporates the energy of alternative rock and the soul of the smoothest blues track. True to form, the star of the show is the earthy, reverberation of the harmonica running rampant throughout. It’s an equal mix of ferocious rock style and a simmer blues sensibility that turns explosive when you least expect it. The Naveblues are carving out a space for themselves where one didn’t exist before, combining a multitude of genres that bend and build cohesively as one sound. They understand the intricacies of hard rock just as effortlessly as they do the earthy, unadulterated soul of classic blues— and single “Possess You” brings it all together.
The Naveblues self-titled album is an experiment in mixing genres and highlighting the sounds of the blues that have enticed listeners for generations. The 9 track album is unique in its array of arrangements, each different from the next, starting with the dynamic, classic blues style of “Sexy Kiss” which melds seamlessly into the smokey, smooth blues rhythm of “Say My Name.” The piano-forward ballad, “In A Quiet Place” infuses a sense of sensuality, showcasing a softer side. Both the single “Possess You” and “The Ghost Collector” are explosive mixtures of rock sensibility and harmonica gold, an instrument that The Naveblues fold into every moment with mastery, all in an effort to make it a mainstream staple. It all comes to a soulful, reflective end with the Led Zeppelin cover, “Thank You,” dripping with classic blues style and indie rock energy. 

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