NEW // Aaron Taylor & Che Lingo – “Flowers – Gold Edit”


Flowers – Gold Edit (feat. Che Lingo)

Rising star Aaron Taylor today shares “Flowers – Gold Edit”, featuring critically-acclaimed British rapper and artist, Che Lingo.  Aaron Taylor is currently releasing reworks (Gold Edits) of his debut album Icarus, and Che Lingo’s inclusion is just his second. More to follow shortly. “Icarus” was BBC 6Music’s Album of The Day only last week.

Listen to Aaran & Che here: //

The album’s titled track was the first rework – here 

Speaking about this alternative version to Flowers, the COLORS Berlin-backed Taylor explains “This  is a song about naively trying to patch up a relationship with a trivial gesture, and it’s an honour to have Che Lingo expand on the theme with a guest verse. His album was a personal favourite from 2020 so it’s great to work with him on this.”

Writing the original version against the backdrop of last year’s tragedy which saw the murdering of George  Floyd,  Aaron Taylor found himself at an important crossroads as he welcomed a baby boy into his life and became preoccupied with thoughts of his relationship to his own father. ‘He [my father] told me of days he sat crying on the beaches of Accra, because he was separate from his family in London. Told me things the little boy in me needed to hear and provided balms for the burns that were ultimately the root of many of my insecurities, including being a father myself. Our relationship has ways to go, but he gave me my flowers while I could still smell them, and I gave him his’.

Aaron’s recent, breathtaking debut album, ‘Icarus’ was released as a lockdown record independently and has its roots in the golden age of 1970s soul but brings with it a vibrant new-age energy.  It’s an 11 track record about desire and longing in relationships, career and spirituality now seem somewhat bittersweet after the age of social distancing. “It’s really weird,” comments Taylor of the uncanny timing. “It’ll resonate so much more.”

The tracklist for Icarus is:

  1. I Want That Fire

  2. Don’t Leave Me Alone (feat. Lalah Hathaway)

  3. Muse

  4. Flowers

  5. Shooting Star (feat. Benny Sings)

  6. Ritual

  7. Drowning In Your Love

  8. WDYD

  9. Hey Baby

  10. Wanna Be Close

  11. Icarus

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