Formed in 1989, MORTUARY is one of the oldest extreme metal bands in France. The band is currently composed of 5 members : Patrick (Vocals) – Jean Noël (Bass) – Alexis (Guitar) – Bastien (Guitar) and Yohann (Drums).

Complete discography :
– Rejected by Death… (Demo – 1989)
– Below the Marble (Demo – 1990)
– In Harmony with Brutality (Demo – 1992)
– The Mortified Faces (Demo – 1994)
– Hazards of Creation (Full Length – 1996)
– Eradicate (Full Length – 1998)
– Eradicate (Demo – 1998)
– Agony in Red (Full Length – 2003)
– Welcome to the Morgue (Compilation – 2004)
– Promo (Demo – 2005)
– G.O.D. (Glorify Our Destroyers) (Full Length – 2010)
– Nothingless than Nothingness (Full Length – 2016)

After six years of waiting, the band released a new album ‘Nothingless than Nothingness’ in 2016, which was welcomed with open arms by their fans! Successful for many years, the band has achieved its consecration by performing for the first time at the HELLFEST Festival, in 2017!

The band is now back, since October 27th 2017, with a reissue of its latest album ‘Nothingless than Nothingness‘, this time distributed through the label All Styles Editions.


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