Album: Maze Of Feelings
Country: Poland / Russia
Style: Melodic death/doom metal with heavy classic and progressive influences
Label: Bad Mood Man Music
Release date: February 23, 2018


This album brings seven tracks of melodic death/doom with heavy classic and progressive influences. You can hear there a lot of strong guitar riffs, full charged emotional harmonies, smooth passages, deep growls, clean voices and organic intensive rhythm section.

Album includes seven different stories which will take you on a journey through the maze of feelings and will feed your mind with all the emotions that the human knows.

MAZE OF FEELINGS is the polish – russian band created by Marcin Warzyński & Krzysztof Wieczerzycki In the band are involved Andrey Karpukhin, Ivan Guskov who are known from Abstract Spirit, COMATOSE VIGIL, Mare Infinitum, Szymon Grodzki (Gnida, Sammath Naur, Invent-Sound Studio) and one of the best metal drummer Dariusz Daray Brzozowski (Dimmu Borgir, Vesania, ex-Vader).

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