The Dark brings back elements of 90’s rock in Live.Create.Destroy. The Dark channels a consistent sound throughout the entire album reminiscent of artists such as The Killers, White Stripes, and She Wants Revenge . The new record welcomes Christian Eigner of Depeche Mode as a special guest on the song Product. Live. Create. Destroy. contains eleven tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by singer Brandon Ashley / DTuned MPG at his penthouse studio in Berlin.

The Dark is a Berlin based rock music project originating in Los Angeles, CA in 2015. Fronted by singer/guitarist/producer Brandon Ashley, The Dark music will remind you of bands like ‘The Killers’, ‘White Stripes’, ‘Foo Fighters’, ‘She Wants Revenge’. Their rhythmic section it’s formed by a big, heavy drums sound coming from the stoner school with sexy bass lines performed with a total punk attitude. High gain guitar riffs will introduce you to a wall of fuzz creating a perfect pad for Brandon’s gritty, melodic vocals that will get immediately stuck in your head.The Dark has been honored to perform with Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), Iron Maiden, Orgy, Wednesday 13, and Static X.



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