Five-membered hard rock group, from Thessaloniki Greece, established in summer 2013. The band consists of:

Drums:Giorgos Dimitriadis

Bass:Dimitris Argiropoulos

Lead Guitar:Giorgos Karathanasis

Vocals:Giannis Vogiatzis

Session members:

 Giorgos Beltsios (rhythm guitar)

Nix Roy (rhythm guitar)

Ex members:

 Giannis Tentsos (Rhythm Guitar 2013 – 2017)

Anestis Pilatos (Bass 2013 – 2015)

Spiros Kitsios (2013 Drums)

Alexis Tsouleas (Bass 2015)

The band released its debut album “Virtue & Vice”in November  ’16 under the label of Final Touch.

Single “80’s child”, was released a year earlier, under the same label and singles “While I’m On The Round”and “Might Be Miles Away”were released in 2016 and 2017 respectively. In 2018 was released the last single/video clip of “Virtue & Vice”, named “Feeding The Flame”.

The band already counts numerous live performances in Thessaloniki, Athens and other cities of Greece, as well as a tour in Bulgaria during the fall of 2017.

Leftover Bullets are typified by hard songwriting according to the reviews, but also by their explosive appearance  and performance on the stage.

 These days, the band composes and records their second album, while the songs “Confused”and“Free Speech For Sale” are already present on the set list.


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