Hungry and energetic alternative rock newcomer Antivalent have released their new single “Lonely Call

Antivalent, a four-piece group rising and hailing from the centre of Finland, Seinäjoki, are just like the star Sirius, the brightest star shining in the northern sky amongst their own genre. One could even say that they are owning their own concept and that they know what they are about! In the style of music, there is respect for various bands such as Disco Ensemble, Placebo, Lapko, Paramore, Biffy Clyro, and the echo world of Sólstafir.

Lonely Call originated from Antivalent’s lead singer and guitarist Omar Zouiter’s small apartment in the early 2017. “That period was challenging for me because after many years I ended up in a life situation without a partner. I’ve always been a bit weak in terms of talking and opening myself to others, so it felt natural to channel these difficult and confusing feelings into music.” Omar explains.

Lonely Call features a music video by Henri Óskari Takala and Santeri Norrbacka from ISLE Art Industries, with the intention of deliberately deviating from traditional music videos and making a full story-based video.

“We wanted the video to have a harsh and distressing yet glowing and colorful atmosphere to reflect the inner theme of the song,” Omar says. “We had a couple of long but great shooting days. It was great to see how professionally young guys are doing it,” bassist Tomi Latvala continues.

“Every musical video project is always different, and getting each song into a visual form requires first and foremost mutual communication between the band and the production team.

Lonely Call was a project open to express and exchange ideas at its best, and after the initial strokes we caught the red thread that seemed to appear in different violet tones as the project progressed and reached its shape as a beautiful and colorful sweater. Despite this far-fetched pomp and without further analysis, I can honestly and plainly say that the music video was just as I expected! ” drummer Joni summarizes the band’s moods.

Antivalent will start this year’s gigs on February 23th at Foxy Night Club, Kristiinankaupunki (FIN) and their next single will be heard in the beginning of next summer.


Omar Zouiter (Vocals, guitar)

Oskari Grahn (Guitar, backing vocals)

Tomi Latvala (Bass, backing vocals)

Joni Vähämäki (Drums)


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