Horizon Ablaze from Kristiansand has been making avant-garde extreme metal for ten years and they are now embarking on their most ambitious project so far! Their third album, “The Weight of a Thousand Suns” tells the story of a journey through the human psyche and a deep dive into the man’s innermost fears and dreams. With a combination of atmospheric black metal and the intensity of death metal, Horizon Ablaze has created a sound that is entirely their own.
The album cover is made by the masterful Kjell Åge Meland. Meland has made all the pictures that adorn Horizon Ablaze’s albums. He is an important part of the vision that constitutes Horizon Ablaze music. The record is recorded at Strand Studio in Oslo and is mixed by Marius Strand, the mastering is done at Kvalsonic Lab. Each song on this album deals with a mental disorder and paints a picture of battle and at the same time embracing its own inner demons. The lyrics are heavily inspired by the vocalist Andre Kvebek’s dreams and visions. Each song on this album deals with a mental disorder and paints a picture of battling and at the same time embracing your own inner demons. A journey through a theme that has fascinated and terrified man for centuries. With Andre Kvebek (ex. 1349, Pantheon I, From the Vastland) as their new vocalist, the band is stronger than.





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