Some guys from Pontiac, Michigan schlepped their gear to a rooftop in Pontiac to shoot a video.  High atop an undisclosed parking garage roof, HIGH TOTALS played Bleach My Bones In The Sun about 50 times – in the sun, coincidentally.  Christopher Dinnan arranged the setup, filmed, edited and produced the whole shebang. Many many thanks to him for his time and talent.  Shout out to downtown Pontiac for not complaining about a day full of noise.
Bleach My Bones In The Sun is the title song from HIGH TOTALS’ debut EP.  Comprised of incurable band rats (members of 7000 Dying Rats, Ricochet, Cromwell, Waxgordon, Dead Heroes) HIGH TOTALS play music that’s noisy and fuzzy kinda like Black Flag, Mudhoney and Bad Brains used to.
HIGH TOTALS have played the HMF the past two years, played shows with Murphys Law, Speedball, Goddamn Gallows. Midwest mini tour in early April, dates announced soon.
Bryan Caspers – bass
Pete Koneda – vocals/guitar
Dave Melkonian – guitar
Michael O’Reilly – drums

Not to age ourselves but if you compile the bands we’ve played or toured with in our previous projects it includes Dio, Agnostic FrontCro-Mags, DRI, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, GG AllinGWAR, Clutch, Cows, Hammerhead, Unsane, Gang Green, US Maple, Morbid Angel, Aggression, Dayglo Abortions, Chokehold, Snapcase, Integrity, The FastbacksSick Of It All, Guzzard, Of Montreal, FYPM, Gluttons, Earth Crisis, Hellmouth, Homewrecker, Life Sentence, Undead, Cold As Life, Pittbull, Speedball, Murphy’s Law, Excel, 108, Shelter, Endpoint, Guilt, Pond, Chokebore, ALL, Branch Manager, Youth Of Today, Gorilla BiscuitsGG AllinGWAR and others.

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