Alternative Rock Quartet Gypsy Circus Discuss Society’s Addiction to a Quick Fix in Single ‘Sunshine’

Artist: Gypsy Circus

Single: Sunshine

Release Date: September 28th

Genre: Alternative Rock

Reflecting on modern society’s addiction to a quick fix, Scottish four-piece Gypsy Circus return with alternative rock single ‘Sunshine’, September 28th. Taking influence from the likes of The Killers, The Strokes and Biffy Clyro, Gypsy Circus discuss how an immediate solution isn’t always the best approach, but often the most desirable


Watch the music video for ‘Sunshine’ here: 


Following the idea that society want an easy escape for anything, ‘Sunshine’ is about being disconnected from people and yourself, but also realising that you are not alone. With King’s husky vocals alongside raw rock inspired hooks, ‘Sunshine’ is set to be their biggest release to date.

Frontman Aaron King and guitarist Michael Mackay began playing together as a side project to make extra cash, performing covers in bars and pubs around Scotland. After a few jamming sessions, they discovered that they worked well together and began writing original material. The line-up was complete when bassist Shaun Alderman and drummer Calum Thomson joined.

After just 2 months of being a band, Gypsy Circus recorded their first EP at Post Electric Studio in Edinburgh with producer Rod Jones (Idlewild). Since, the quartet have played to an increasing fan base around Scotland, with ‘Sunshine’ set to drop September 28th.

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