LISTEN & SHARE: Grand Canyon – “Lucinda” & ” Standing In The Shadows
 I recently had LA-based band Grand Canyon on my show and fell in love with their song “Lucinda.”

– Lightning 100


Los Angeles, CA: LA’s Grand Canyon are one of those rare musical phenoms. Led by singer/songwriter/guitarist,Casey Shea and vocalist, Amy Wilcox, the six-piece seamlessly draw from classic influences, in their case, things like Bad Company, Springsteen, Tom Petty, Steve Miller Band, Fleetwood Mac, and catalyze progression as if ‘now’ and ‘then’ exist on parallel plains. The bridge between the two is quality. Shea’s songwriting, offered en masse on Grand Canyon’s upcoming self-titled debut, is timeless and resonant.

Together with guitarist, Joe GueseDarice Baily (keys, vocals), Adam Popick (bass), and Fitz Harris (drums), Shea and Wilcox offer an admirable opus, self-produced and recorded, and chock full of sweaty, romantic 70s inspired epics, complete with visions of late night rendezvous and unbearable yearnings fueled by emphatic chord patterns that drive ‘em like El Caminos down Ventura Blvd.

This sensitivity is most evident in songs like, “Lucinda” which premiered a few weeks back with Nashville’s influential Lightning 100and their latest, “Standing In The Shadows,” which dropped in the summer on most DSPs. But tracks like the rapturous Shea/Wilcox duet, “I Don’t Want To Wait,” (also featured on a Lightning 100’s “Unplugged” segment), the anthemic, “Made In LA,” and the rollicking, “Kansas City,” just to spotlight a few, make this 9 track album something to live for.

In an era of computer-made, beat-driven music, Grand Canyon is the antithesis of modern pop music. However, by focusing on musicianship and timeless songwriting, and drawing on the inspiration of the classic sounds and arrangements of the 70s, it is the kind of pop music that will be wafting through the canyons for a long time.

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