Album: Warwolf
Country: USA
Style: Speed / Black metal
Label: Heathen Tribes
Release date: Autumn 2017 (no specific release date yet)

Album preview: https://goatwar.bandcamp.com/releases

Chaos lightning crashes from the sky to strike the solid steel hammer! The cry of vengeance is deaf to the threat of silence! The wolf crawls forth to crush through flesh.

Nothing can stop the Warwolf! Echoes the howls of Goat War on their debut release “Warwolf”, 4 tracks of first wave black metal inspired mayhem. The songs tell the tale of a barbarian conqueror and his quest for bloody powerful glory.

So come and be taken on a bloody and strange journey through savage battles and fantasy. Nothing can stop the Warwolf, and nothing will stop Goat War from total domination. War knows no borders!




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