Out Now! In North America via Rockshots Records Mexican Instrumental Prog Metal GLASS MIND “Dodecaedro”

For fans of Symphony X, Dream Theater, Haken, Scale The Summit, Aristocrats, Liquid Tension Experiment

Mexico City’s instrumental prog metal four-piece GLASS MIND released their new album “Dodecaedro” earlier this year in Europe via Rockshots Records and now it’s hitting the shores of North America as of September 8th.


Influenced by everything from Metallica and Dream Theater through to Ryuichi Sakamoto and Philip Glass, GLASS MIND blends metal, jazz, traditional Mexican music and more. “Dodecaedro” follows their 3 instrumental singles “Detritus” (2014), “Inside the Whale” (2014) and “Babel” (2015) plus their 2011 debut album “Haunting Regrets”. The release is a conceptual album where each song represents an element of nature; fire, air, water, earth and ether. Because there are no lyrics in GLASS MIND’s music, this allows them to transcend borders and boundaries and make connections with all lovers of music no matter what their nationalities.

“Dodecaedro” is available on Amazon here.

Full Album Stream – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kn03fONcaKE

Music Video – Fu – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPnfJmpqI3k

Track Listing:
1. Babel (6:14)
2. Caliente (1:40)
3. Fu (6:04)
4. Humedo (1:56)
5. Inside The Whale (8:25)
6. Frio (1:18)
7. Detritus (5:54)
8. Seco (1:49)
9. Dodecaedro (5:59)

Album Length: 39:23

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