Ghost Twin Drop New Track BECOME CONTROL

Our new track, Become Control,” taken from our upcoming LP, Love Songs for End Times (out June 4th), is a protest song through and through.

We drew inspiration from events in the United States at the time of writing: totalitarianism, fanaticism, and a government that does not value the lives of its own children over gun ownership. 

A child’s worth can be summed up in the character limit of a single tweet.

Love Songs for End Times is much more earnest, honest, and personal than our last record, while exploring the fragility of the natural world and the poor ego driven choices of humanity.

People have envisioned the end of the world thousands of times. Become Control,” along with the rest of the album, wades through the different emotions that such unstable times have brought up for us.

We’re excited to share more music from the album with you in the coming months!

Ghost Twin

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