Every album a new drummer for Pilod (BE)?

5 years ago Pilod launched its first album #sunnyforecast. The shared love for alternative guitar music drove the trio from Leuven (BE) to launch its debut in 2013. Three years later and with a new drummer, Pilod composed a second workpiece #blackswan. After playing almost 100 concerts in 5 different countries, with recent highlights in its homecountry at Botanique (Brussels) en Trix (Antwerp),  Pilod got to know its ambition. In this half decade music lovers and critics have discovered Pilod. What about you?

And now? Every album a new drummer? It looks that way. Recently Pilod has started to look for a new drummer. That means new material is expected in 2019. In the meantime get to know the authentic sound of Pilod on Deezer or Spotify.

Pilod will get back to you, and might play, with your help, in your country! Indeed, we aim high and far.

Thank you for listening and sharing our music!

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