“A new danish band with the name Before Fire, has sought inspiriation from bands such as The Who, The Doors, Guns N´ Roses and Audioslave, and have thus succeeded in creating some new ass-kicking material in the vintage rock genre”. Upon the release of Before Fire’s first EP “Temper of two” wrote as such. The band gives us their version of the classic rock with an honest and no-nonsene approach.

Formed in 2016, Before Fire quickly went from three intrumentalists to a four piece. Reciding at Vesterbro in Copenhagen, Denmark, the band writes all their music together. Though the songs usually start with an individual contribution, the hardhitting and raw sound is achieved only when all four members contribute – as HEAVYMETAL.DK writes – “Temper of Two brings the dirt, and you can almost smell the old cigarette buds in the ashtray.”

After having played several concerts such as Tølløse Festival and a warmup gig for Blended Brew, during the summer and fall of 2017, and having put out an EP, 2017 was concluded with an explosive show at RUST in Copenhagen.

2018 started with the departure of the old lead singer, Oscar – and after a couple of months break, Before Fire is once again ready to take over stages all over the country.

Prepare for a renewed and reinforced Before Fire, which with a new front man, new single and their first professional music video, is ready to once again, kick ass!



Mathias Bang Fischer – Lead singer

Mikkel Göllnitz Woller Ottosen – Bass

Konrad Liam Thøgersen – Guitar

Tobias Hahn Madsen – Drums



Opening for Blended Brew, Metromusik d. 28/10-17.

Lygten, 16/09/10.

Tølløse festival, 19/08/17.


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