Carbon Memory – Watch Official Video for “Distance”

During adolescence, our band’s songwriters both experienced being uprooted from their home countries, moving from Argentina and Portugal to Canada. We still feel and carry the emotional weight of distance as we are separated by oceans, borders, and at times political differences.

With our new song, Distance,” we wanted to evoke a sense of glitchy nostalgia that we tap into every time we connect with loved ones that are abroad. These relationships become increasingly more reliant on past memories, rather than the common everyday shared experiences.

View the official music video for “Distance” on YouTube now.

We wanted the lyrics and guitars to be more direct and focused, which opened room for more experimentation and creativity when it came to programming synth patches, sequences, and tweaking guitar effects. This inspired the cinematic sound and direction for the track. 

Thank you for your time and interest,

Carbon Memory

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