Brazilian band announces new lineup


It is with great pride that the brazilian band BURN THE MANKIND announces Marcelo Nekard (Symphony Draconis, ex-Luctiferu and ex-Sky In Flames) as your new vocalist and bass player.


Marcelo was chosen for his versatility and unique timbres, which are perfectly adapted to BURN THE MANKIND’s sound. His professionalism and dedication in accepting new challenges, together with his experience as frontman in bands such as Symphony Draconis, were also of the utmost importance in this decision.


The new lineup’s debut happens this Saturday, July 15, at the Caos Extremo Metal Fest in Sapucaia do Sul (Brazil) alongside the bands Initiate Decay and Decimator. Due to his recent admission to the band and limited rehearsal time, Nekard will be performing only the role of singer during the month of July. Filling in as bassist will be special guest Henrique López (From Hellcords Studios), our friend and producer of the album “To Beyond”.


Photo by Photo Label Society by Alex Ramirez



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