With the release of the new album ‘Banshee O Beast’, Unfold continue to make way for some of the darkest and vitriolic sounds within extreme music. Pioneers of the European post-metal/hardcore scene, in which they’re regarded as one of the most influential and creative bands of nowadays, the Swiss five-piece group deliver a dark and devastating record of rare quality. More direct than 2011’s third full-length ‘Cosmogon’, new album is clearly more intense, with faster tempos, an overall uglier attitude and an omnipresent sense of urgency. Unfold shatter the bonds of stylistically limitations and tendencies and strive to spread the smell of blood all over this incisive record, which occasionally finds its equilibrium during a few and well balanced ethereal moments. In the end, ’Banshee O Beast’ leaves the listener with the taste of blood in the mouth.

Due to health concerns (vocal chords), Danek, the original vocalist, hasn’t been able to record vocals on this new album. Louis Jucker (Coilguns, Autisti) stands in for him as a guest vocalist on this album. Danek is still the official vocalist and will perform live with the band when the new record comes out.

‘Banshee O Beast’ was recorded at Studio Mécanique in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) by Julien Fehlmann, Kevin Galland and Karim Pandolfo. It was mixed at Tonteknik in Umeå (Sweden) by Pelle Henricsson (Refused, The Hives, Meshuggah) and mastered at Redmount Studios in Stockholm by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna).





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