Christian Lee Vasquez – Lead guitar/Lead Vocals
David “Runaway” Payan – Bass  
Brian Regalado – Drums/vocals 
SectaS is a trio high energy metal band based out of Phoenix, Arizona, with hard driving, Megadeth meets Rush, yet melodic with a positive message behind every lyric.
Today, Father Time Records is pleased to announce the release of their new video “Walls of Deception” off the upcoming album “Life is a Game” which is schedule to be released sometime in March 2020.
The song Walls of deception of our upcoming new record it can be considered a personal song with personal inspired lyrics that can be fit to everyone, it’s about how we keep creating walls or obstacles in our lives made of deception, walls that don’t let us go through life when at the end these are walls created by us.. Basically, life can be easy but we choose to make it hard.
SectaS has a big fanbase all over the world, specially in Latinamerica and the United States and now they are expanding more.
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