Germany’s Deaf Forever has premiered the official video for “Keeping the Lighthouse,” a track from APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE’s forthcoming Cruz Del Sur Music album From Gold to Ash.  Get doomed at this location.
Cruz Del Sur Music has opened CD and vinyl pre-orders for From Gold to Ash. The album will be released February 23 on CD, vinyl LP, cassette, and digital formats.
Vinyl Pre-order:
In case you missed it, Decibel Magazine recently premiered album cut “My Heart is Leaving Here.” Stream it exclusively right here.
Recorded in September 2017 at Russian Recording in Bloomington, IN with studio mastermind Mike Bridavsky, From Gold To Ash offers seven songs of ambitious, aching doom. Largely defined by the heartfelt and emotive dual vocals of Chuck Brown and Steve Janiak, From Gold To Ash covers a wide spectrum of heavy, from raging instrumentals to introspective guitar duos, monolithic doom riffs and reflective, melodic heartache. From Gold to Ash is also the first APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE album to feature bassist Mike Naish (Astral Mass, Shroud of Vulture).

Formed in 2004 by vocalist-guitarist Chuck Brown (ex-The Gates of Slumber) with heavy hitter Corey Webb on drums, APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE released their debut Sincerest Misery (via Eyes Like Snow) in 2008 and the follow-up Last Sunrise in 2010 (via Profound Lore) before adding vocalist-guitarist Steve Janiak (Devil to Pay) in 2012. The band released their epic third album Of Woe and Wounds for Cruz Del Sur Music in 2014, followed by multiple tours across the US and triumphant 2016 European appearances at Hammer of Doom (DE) and Doom Over Vienna (AT) festivals.

Following the release of From Gold To Ash, APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE plan on hitting the road in the United States and returning to Europe.

“From Gold to Ash is one of the best albums that’s going to come out in 2018.”
 – The Obelisk
“Apostle of Solitude’s brand of doom practically bleeds emotion, particularly on their excellent soon-to-be-released fourth album, From Gold to Ash.”
 – Decibel Magazine
“A momentous doomy 7 tracks, ones filled with bitterness and aching beauty. The crushing slabs of metal, dark enough to consume the soul are lifted with the light of the vocals that deliver sorrowful & soulful melodies.”
 – Games, Brrraaains, & A Head-Banging Life
 “Ambitious and equally aching doom. From Gold To Ash covers a wide spectrum of doom, from thundering gallops, mid-tempo bashers to reflective, melodic romps.”
 – Metal Nexus
 “These guys tend to be gloomier than most, as their lyrics often deal with real-life struggles, as opposed to bong-smoking wizards in outer space… which only makes the music that much more impactful.” (8.5/10)
“From Gold to Ash, just might be the band’s strongest effort yet. It’s easily their most emotive, and it’s going to cause some major waves in the doom world.”
 – Indy Metal Vault
“Full of heavy guitars and melodic vocals. Such an outstanding album.” (4/5)
– Baby Dolls and Razor Blades
“With great sincerity and an overwhelming ability to create beauty in a strikingly simple way, Apostle of Solitude, on this magnificent From Gold to Ash, standardizes on the sonorous razorblade of its artistic proposal all the vociferating, but exceedingly human, devices of their musical sensibility.”
 – Merchants of Air   
Track List
1. Overlord
2. Ruination Be Thy Name
3. Autumn Moon
4. Keeping The Lighthouse
5. My Heart Is Leaving Here
6. Monochrome (discontent)
7. Grey Farewell

1. Overlord
2. My Heart Is Leaving Here
3. Autumn Moon
4. Keeping The Lighthouse
5. Monochrome (Discontent)
6. Ruination Be Thy Name
7. Grey Farewell 


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