Yur Mum released their new EP “Ellipsis” on the 6th of December 2019. The duo, formed of Anelise Kunz (Vocals/Bass) and Fabio Couto (Drums/Vocals), reached the milestone of 200 live shows during the “Lips Can Kill UK tour” which followed immediately after impressive support slots for New Model Army at the Electric Ballroom and Cambridge Junction in early November.

Last year, the band unleashed their debut album ‘Road Rage’, on Flicknife Records, which was toured extensively both domestically and in countries like America, Brazil, France, Belgium, Austria, Hungary and Czechia. In 2020, there are plans to do the same for “Ellipsis” which has already received significant airplay via lead single “Sweatshop” being played by influential pioneers of the independent music scene like Tom Robinson of BBC Six Music.

Yur Mum’s forthcoming EP, Ellipsis, will be released on the 6th of December 2019. It’ll contain five tracks, including their recent single Sweatshop, which were recorded earlier this year with producer Dan Lucas of Anchor Baby Studios UK. “His work is absolutely brilliant and he made us sound like we expected to in our heads, but even better.” The cover illustration was provided by Sofia Martins, AKA Starsha Lee, who the band site as an artist they “love and admire.”

Produced and mixed by Dan Lucas.
Recorded at Anchor Baby Studios, UK.
Mastered by Charlie Francis at Synergy Mastering.
Art by Sofia Martins Gray.
Graphic Design by Fabio Couto.
All tracks written and performed by Yur Mum.

“This release marks a transition period for the band so we felt like it had to come out now while all these thoughts and feelings are still fresh. Most of these songs were crafted on the road playing at dive bars. They sound heavier and darker with deeper layers and textures. It feels almost as if the instruments are amplifying and projecting our state of mind. You might find some unexpected melodies and time signatures in comparison with Road Rage.

“We think the lyrical themes on this EP are very much related to this constant feeling of ‘I can’t believe this is still happening in this day and age’ we have every time we watch the news. It signifies, to us, a deep breath, a hesitation, a facepalm moment. ‘What do you want?’ takes a personal approach and talks about anxiety; ‘Sweatshop’ picks on consumerism, ‘Ellipsis’ is about this culture of fear we live in; ‘Rotten’ is a reality check; while ‘Closure’ is about dealing with loss and trying to cope with the fact that all things come to an end.”

Yur Mum – Sweatshop


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