YESTERDAZE – Know No Better – Acoustic Available – April 12th 2023

YESTERDAZE  – Know No Better – Acoustic  
RELEASE: April 12th 2023

With this acoustic and rearranged version of Know No Better, Yesterdaze finalise the cycle their debut EP “Act U All”, while at the same time announcing that brand new material from their upcoming debut album is on it’s way!

Yesterdaze released their debut EP Act U All in the fall of 2022, and the band received widespread attention with playlisting on Radio Rock (NO), as well as playlisting on Tidal and Apple Music.

The release also got attention in outlets like Visions (DE), Ballade (NO), Greek Rebels (GR), Whiteroom (NL), Metalshock Finland (FI) and Velvet Thunder (UK).

The second single Yesterdazed released – Know No Better, has gained over fifty thousand views on Youtube and received immediate applause when performed live.

As such, the band put their heads together and decided to further explore Know No Better’s potential, resulting in this unique and soulful acoustic version.

With some new chords and a softer and more melancholic approach, this version leaves room for the lyrics to really shine and changes the mood of the song all together.

On this acoustic version, vocalist and front man, Armann performs the song with a vulnerability that showcases a newfound depth of his already unique vocal range – this, accompanied by Martin Selen’s flawless and airy guitar playing, portray Yesterdaze from a more somber and emotional side.

Like the original version, this acoustic version benefits from great dynamics and catchy melodies, but this version makes an even easier listening, appealing to fans from all genres of pop and rock.

Lyricist Armann Ingthorsson explain that the song is his settlement with his own actions and behaviour. Whether alone, in close relationships, or as part of the society he lives in.

“The lyrics suddenly made a lot more sense with this acoustic arrangement. It feels fitting to give our listeners a new perspective on what Act U All is really about. Hopefully it can give them new ears when they revisit the EP. “ – Armann Ingthorsson

The song also symbolises a crossroads between the band and guitarist Martin Selen, who has mixed and mastered the acoustic version, and also played a major part in writing the music for Know No Better.

Martin has been Yesterdaze’s guitarist since October 2019. He was the lead guitarist on the band’s debut EP, and also held the role of main producer.

Yesterdaze comment;
“Martin helped shape our music into what it is today and will always have a special place with us”.

With an end to the Act U All release cycle, the band enter a new phase and are ready to move on to new music. And Yesterdaze is set to the first single from their upcoming album in May.

Armann Ingthorsson – Vocals
Lars Stray – Bass
Torje Antonsen – Drums
Martin Selen – Guitar

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