Year Over Year // The Love We Think We Deserve // EP Review

Over the past few years, one genre I have grown to love above most others is that of modern Emo. Be it from the raw emotional energy to the poetic lyricism, something about the wide-ranging sound just grips me. That’s where this EP, The Love We Think We Deserve (TLWTWD) comes in. Year Over Year are a band I’ve never heard of before this review, so I’m incredibly excited to dive into this release.

Starting out is Love, an incredibly chilled, relaxing track that is cut through cleanly by an instantly emotional outburst within the lyrics before some mildly Mathcore guitar work helps create a very upbeat and happy backing to darker lyrics. This carries over into the next track Hell too, which features one of my favorite vocal performances of the entire EP. Track 3, A Short Swim, is sonically similar to Casey’s brand of incredibly atmospheric, spacey soundscapes backed by lyrics straight from the soul, this is definitely my favorite track of the release.

Track 4 brings in a tiny change to the sound with some elements of Bedroom Pop, as well as dissonance within the otherwise beautiful guitar work, that thanks to the soft drums create a track that makes you feel like you’ve been plunged into the ocean unexpectedly, especially when the harsher screams as backing vocals create a sense of anger, emergency, and panic. Finally, we have Wilt closing the EP out. This song is easily the most Pop-Punk on the release with a sound that blends late 2000’s Pop-Punk with modern Emo-Pop as well as some small hints of Midwest Emo being found throughout too.

TLWTWD is a great EP, but it never goes truly above the sound shown within the first track. While it features subtle changes within the sound of each track, the changes are also not substantial enough to truly stand out and it wasn’t until my 4th listen I truly noticed them. This isn’t an inherently bad thing though, as Year Over Year has put out a release with TLWTWD that will easily work as a solid foundation for them to develop and grow over their next few releases. If you’re a fan of modern Emo, definitely check this EP out. I can’t wait to see where Year Over Year goes from here.


Year Over Year – The Love We Think We Deserve is out now.

Review: Daniel Stapleton


  Love 3:19
  Hell 3:36
  A Short Swim 3:13
  Charm 3:16

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