Year Of The Knife - Ultimate Aggression - Album Review
Year Of The Knife - Ultimate Aggression - Album Review10
Year Of The Knife - Ultimate Aggression - Album Review10
Year Of The Knife - Ultimate Aggression - Album Review10
Year Of The Knife - Ultimate Aggression - Album Review10
Year Of The Knife - Ultimate Aggression - Album Review10
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Hailing from Delaware, the five piece known as Year Of The Knife have combined the 2017 EP Ultimate Disease with 2018 EP First State Aggression and thrown in new track ‘Fatal’ to create Ultimate Aggression, so it shouldn’t be difficult for people to realise that this release if going to be hard and heavy. The straightedge band were formed in 2015 and immediately made a huge impact in the Hardcore scene as they attacked a multitude of subjects including police brutality and addiction, as they toured with the likes of Broken Teeth and Terror, creating mayhem wherever they played.

The combination of tracks now amounts to 9 and playing time is around 28 minutes, so as opening track Y.O.T.K kicks in ensure the brace position has been adopted, as this introduction to those unfamiliar, will be plenty to know that this is going to be a lot of fun.

As ‘Ultimate Disease’ kicks in the brutality and passion is there for everyone to hear, flitting from a slower to a quicker pace, backed with chunky riffs you soon find yourself shouting along with “an eye for an eye makes the while world fuckin’ blind” and then a rather heavy breakdown kicks in, perfect for anyone to release any tensions in a pit, or wherever you are.

The two opening tracks pave the way for the destructive power of a talented and driven Hardcore band, which Year Of The Knife certainly are, as we are battered by powerful drums and hefty hooks, that are just trying to take a chunk out of you, before the choppy waves of sound crash against your head with incredible natural force. The vocal is emotional, powerful and brutal, all rolled into an incredible audible bundle for our delight.

New track ‘Fatal’ take track 4 and slots in perfectly as the aggression and pitting beats continue to challenge you to not start swinging and stomping, which even when sat down is something of a struggle.

The second half of the EP is taken up by what was once known as the previously mentioned First State Aggression as the 5 tracks from that EP rip across the wavelengths, targeting any semblance of being remaining from the beatdown already received from the opening 4 tracks.

‘Blue Lies’ opens this section of the album and immediately targets the unlawful and unnecessary brutality displayed by those who are meant to protect, which is as aggressive as anyone would expect from such unjust actions.

‘J.R.M’ is a purely a beast of track, that is unapologetically aggressive, which simple yet ripping riffs and meaty hooks along with a beat to break your neck to and a vocal to shout along to prior to a breakdown to open a pit up and truly let loose in!

This collection of Eps and additional track are purely incredible and is perfect for any fan of aggressive music, especially Hardcore fans. From start to finish it is hard to find anything that could make this better, both for experienced Year Of The Knife fans and new alike, this hits and hits fuckin’ hard.

Ed Ford

Ultimate Aggression was released February 8th 2019 via Pure Noise Records.

Track List

  1. O.T.K
  2. Ultimate Disease
  3. Your Lucky Day
  4. Fatal
  5. Blue Lies
  6. First Stage Aggression
  7. Untitled
  8. R.M
  9. Evil
Year of the Knife UK and Euro Tour Dates:
17 May – Nottingham, UK – Rough Trade
18 May – Leeds, UK – Temple of Boom
19 May – Glasgow, UK – Audio
20 May – Newcastle, UK – the head of Steam
21 May – Cardiff, UK – Fuel Rock Club
22 May – London, UK – New Cross Inn
23 May – Paris, FR – Olympic Cafe
24 May – Mannheim, DE – JUZ
25 May – Querfurt, DE – Return To Strength Fest
27 May – Warsaw, PL – Poglos
28 May – Berlin, DE – Trinkteufel
29 May – Hannover, DE – LUX
30 May – Geleen, NL – Cafe De Meister
31 May – Crailsheim, DE – Jugendzentrum
1 June – Aarschot, BE – Revelation Fest
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