Year Of The Knife // Internal Incarceration // Album review
Year Of The Knife // Internal Incarceration // Album review9
Year Of The Knife // Internal Incarceration // Album review9
Year Of The Knife // Internal Incarceration // Album review9
Year Of The Knife // Internal Incarceration // Album review9
Year Of The Knife // Internal Incarceration // Album review9
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The Hardcore five-piece band going by the name of Year Of The Knife were formed in 2015, built on a foundation of a straight edge lifestyle along with the importance of family, as the band that boasts twin brothers Aaron and Andrew Kisielewski on guitars and drums along with husband and wife Brandon and Madison Watkins on guitar and bass joined by Tyler Mullen on vocals as the death metal influenced band to express their feelings and frustrations around loss and the darkness that hovers in such difficult times.

Hailing from Delaware, the band combined the 2017 EP Ultimate Disease with 2018 EP First State Aggression and included a new track ‘Fatal’ to create the 2019 release Ultimate Aggression and now is the time for the band to release their debut full length, a 13 track collection of aggression and emotion that’s is not for the weak of heart.

As ‘This Time’ explodes through the speakers, the raw power blows you away and then the vocal that is the ultimate in force grates across the noise created, the kind of noise that you feel and don’t just hear.

The intensity of the album never relents as the brutality of this Hardcore really is off the scale and blurs the lines of Hardcore and Death Metal in a very impressive way, almost creating a Grind angle. Also, throw in the occasional djent influence, this really is the result of Hardcore based music that is happy to accept and include influences from any other aggressive music.

On tracks such as ‘Manipulation Artist’ please make sure that there is nothing in arms reach that is fragile, as you will be spin kicking and windmilling your way through the fourth track and feeling so much better for it afterward.

Internal Incarceration is an album that grabs you by the throat and drags you around unapologetically and unrelentingly, shaking you to your core, forcing out any emotions, and providing the perfect music for you to shout along with on the vocal, or stomp out through the floor. This album crushes your resolve and it feels so good as it does. 


Ed Ford


Internal Incarceration is released August 7th 2020 via Pure Noise Records


Track List

1. This Time

2. Virtual Narcotic

3. Stay Away

4. Manipulation Artist

5. Final Tears

6. Internal Incarceration

7. Premonitions of You

8. Though The Eyes

9. Sick Statistic

10. Eviction

11. Nothing To Nobody

12. Get It Out

13. DDM




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