We’ve just launched a contest for a band to be featured on “Multiverse War Kult II“, our new label sampler to be released first half of this year, along the likes of MASTER, MERCYLESS, PUTRID OFFAL, OTARGOS and many others. It’s, of course, absolutely free!

The sampler will be released on both CD (a few thousands…) and digital. It’ll be given away with orders placed at XENOKORP.com and through our European distributor, SEASON OF MIST. Winner will receive a hundred CD copies + free XENOKORP T-shirts.

Rules are simple:

  • the band must not be or have been signed to a label (new blood only, we support the scene!)
  • the band must play Death Metal or one of its subgenres exclusively: Thrash / Death, Doom / Death, Death / Grind, Goregrind… (no Deathcore!)
  • the band must submit a 5mns max. song by email at [email protected] in WAV file format
  • the song mustn’t be available on streaming paltforms (Spotify, etc.) but it can be on YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud…
  • Deaddline: January 31, 2020

We will contact the bands we’ve selected by the first week of February and let them know of future steps in order to elect our chosen one!

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