Wretched Tongues // Ulter Praefinitum // Album Review


The time has arrived for Wretched Tongues to build on the crushing Ep’s Burial Grounds and Death Eater with their debut full-length album Ulter Praefinitum.


Fans of the band will be familiar with the earth shuddering sound that Wretched Tongues knock you into next week with, however, if you don’t have a clue, best strap in. Whilst labelled as Crushing Deathcore, it’s fair to say that it is far more than that.

By just pressing play you are taking your life into your hands and as the intro welcomes you with some grandeur, this erupts into squealing samples before an utterly disgraceful chugging guitar is joined by drums that share both blistering and blast beats. Let this be a warning for what is coming up.

As ‘Into The Nothing’ slices your eyeballs and scrambles your soul with a truly crushing sound which is a combination of hammering guitars and deadly drums that are matched with ear-piercing highs and rumbling lows from the vocal front.

This destructive combination flows throughout the album and in the end, you also need to be warned about the shuddering breakdowns. Holy fucking shit, down-tuned, slow tempo and makes you test the foundations of the building you are in. This stuff is dangerous.

Whilst the album may only last 34 minutes which is spread over 9 tracks, it will test every figure of your structure and take brutal to whole new depths that will make the most hardened fan of Extreme Deathcore do a little smile.

The intensity of the sound is that that would be found in a Slam release so if you want to get your hammers out whilst stomping around, express yourself how you want. You won’t be the only one.

Ulter Praefinitum is a crushing success in so many ways. Taking many aspects of Brutal music and creating something that is more destructive than a Russian President, is something to be admired. The complete power that erupts down your ear canal is unparalleled and such an amazing feat.

Wretched Tongues have created a juggernaut of epic proportions and will leave a trail of ash and dust as it rolls through the brutal scene, but this isn’t just heavy as fuck, it’s fucking ace. This doesn’t tick every box, it blows them up and laughs at what’s left. If there is ever a brilliant example of how crushing Deathcore can be, then this is it.

Ed Ford

Ulter Praefinitum will be released Friday 18th March 2022 via Vicious Instinct Records.



  1. Pedulum of Existence
  2. Into The Nothing
  3. The Gates Of Oblivion
  4. Call of the Chasm
  5. Brain Itch
  6. Sunder
  7. Mortality
  8. To Witness the Infinite
  9. Ulter Praefinitu,



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