Wrecking Ball Metal Madness // Livestream Review


Wrecking Ball Metal Madness ft Frozen Soul, Devourment & Creeping Death (Live Stream)

Last week we had a nice little surprise from Frozen Soul. We have been gifted a live stream that they had filmed around October time in 2020 to coincide with the launch of their latest album, “Crypt Of Ice”.

Unfortunately, the album got pushed back until Jan of this year & with it, the live stream, but I am so happy to say we finally got to see it!

Titled “Wrecking Ball Metal Madness” & featuring fellow Texans ODSM worship, Creeping Death & OG Slammers Devourment, we knew it would be a sickening treat!

After hearing from the band that WBMM would be a mix of headbangers ball & tales from the crypt, I knew that this live stream would be different to the run of the mill streams that bands have been forced to do the past year.

When watching the stream from the opening title screen to the end credits you can see so much blood, sweat & money has been put into this show. Off their own backs, the bands have been able to craft not only a live experience but a TV show that will have following episodes over the next few years featuring more bands & live shows.

Featuring the host “Mr Wraith Of Death” as seen from the “Encased In Ice” music video from Frozen Soul, he is the perfect host for this! Part crypt keeper & part gruesome cooking show host. Giving us tongue in cheek humour, but also ghoulish nightmares of terror!

First up on the bill, Creeping Death.

Now I have been a fan of Creeping Death since their early demos, I’ve watched a bunch of live footage from them & was hoping to see them live this month, but the tour with Venom Prison has now been moved to later in the year. Where I was “bummed” about not seeing the band, this show makes up for it tenfold.

Mixing thrash & death metal, Creeping Death is one of the new school bands like Frozen Soul you have to keep your eyes on.

Showing us how relentless they can be, Highlighting with brilliant tracks like “Bloodlust Contamination” & “Ripping Through Flesh,” they are firmly becoming a band to watch out for over the next few years.

The band are able to match the furious sound they crafted on their album “Wretched Illusions.”

Thrash influenced guitar work, a drum & bass section that is so tight & work like clockwork, and vocals that are just perfectly suited to the band.

Creeping Death was the perfect opening act & whetted the appetite for the rest of the show.

Next up, Devourment. One of the best original slam death metal bands in the genre.

Admittedly, I loved their last album “Obscene Majesty,” but wasn’t a huge fan of the production, but with this live show, they nailed the sound perfectly.

Now THIS Devourment. Huge sounding guitars, beautifully sounding snare & kick drum hits & the ultra guttural vocals we know and love from the band.

Smashing through tracks like “Festering Vomitous Mass”, “Modum Sui Morte” & ending their set with “Shroud of Encryption,” show that Devourment is still at the top of the pillar of brutal death metal & why so many bands imitate the band & fail. Nothing but pure unmatched brutality here tonight.

And now for the main event, Frozen Soul.

Anyone who has read my review for Frozen Souls debut album, “Crypt Of Ice,” will know they have become one of my favourite bands & I believe it’s one of the best death metal albums in the past 5+ years.

So I knew going into this stream the band would be pulling out all the stops & I would enjoy it.

But I was honestly overwhelmed. They succeeded past any expectation I had & smashed it.

In my album review, I talked about one of Frozen Souls strongest parts, which is Daniel Schmuck.

The band’s producer, engineer & also ex-member of the band.

With the band, he was able to create such a brilliant mix & sound with the album.

But with this live stream, he has surpassed what he was able to do on “Crypt Of Ice”.

This is the best live sound I have heard in years. No joke.

This was mixed perfectly. Every instrument is here, nothing is buried, the drums sound phenomenal, guitar tones are beautiful yet disgusting at the same time.

Samantha Mobley’s bass tone is back and sounding ungodly as ever & Chad Green’s vocals are honestly faultless.

Every member on Frozen Soul has turned the dial to 11.

Where I thought COI couldn’t be beaten, they have only proved me wrong.

Not only have they recorded & filmed the best live sets I’ve ever seen, but they have also done it in an abandoned industrial freezer. Now if that isn’t taking your art to the next level, I don’t know what is.

If Frozen Soul & the fellow bands are able to create something this amazing, anyone who has the idea of a live stream in their minds needs to take notice. Because the bar has now been destroyed.

Review: Joseph Mitchell


1.    Creeping Death – Ripping Through Flesh

2.    Creeping Death – Captivity

3.    Creeping Death – Bloodlust Contamination

4.    Creeping Death – Specter of War

5.    Devourment – Festering Vomitous Mass

6.    Devourment – Sculpted in Tyranny

7.    Devourment – Modum Sui Morte

8.    Devourment – Shroud of Encryption

9.    Frozen Soul – Encased in Ice

10.    Frozen Soul – Crypt of Ice

11.    Frozen Soul – Arctic Stranglehold

12.    Frozen Soul – Wraith of Death

Wrecking Ball Metal Madness // Livestream Review
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