Wratheon // Black Thrash Mass // Album Review


Originally slated for release in 2020, Black Thrash Mass and its five blistering tracks is about to be unleashed on the world.

With Wratheon performing all music and vocals, this single person outfit has created a five-track album that spans 16 minutes of raging Black Thrash Metal that takes a look at systematic oppression by challenging opinions on religion, authoritarians and abolishing the rich.

Everything created is done so shrouded in darkness and buried in anger that blasts out of the speakers and grips you round the throat immediately as the drums begin to crash and the high octane guitars begin to riff hard enough to rattle your teeth. Finishing this astonishing offering is a raspingly ferocious vocal.

As the music takes over your body and you begin to rage with the Wratheon, you realise that this is going to one hell of a fun 16 minutes.

As the tracks continue to rattle through, the darkened offering continues to go hard and makes you realise that where you thought your limit was, is nowhere near as far as Black Thrash Mass is going to push you. The riffs are catchy and heavy as they come and the drums smash you from pillar to post and just don’t let up. The vocal continually spews bile that burns as its oozes down your ear canal.

Even though the pace mixes back and forth, the rage and crushing power continue to crush you with stunning force, the kind of which is rare but also a lot of fun.

So, is the wait worth it? If you are after white-hot paced Thrash and Black metal then this is exactly what you are going to get. The pressure that this album puts you under is stunning and relentless and challenges the things that some people feel are the bedrock of society. What better way to challenge these things than by using uncompromising and crushing music? This is a perfect match and a fantastic offering that leaves you yearning for more.

Black Thrash Mass is a fantastic addition to any Thrash or Blackened Metal fan and I urge you experience this amazing music.


Ed Ford


Black Thrash Mass is released Friday 26th March?




1 – In Séance

2 – A Fire Burns

3– With Crimson Eyes

4 – Life

5 – Unescapable Null




Wratheon – all music and vocals

Genre: Black Thrash Metal
For fans of Hellripper | Abbath | Kreator | Devastator

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Wratheon // Black Thrash Mass // Album Review
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