WOWS great return: watch the video “Mythras”.

The Italian post metal act WOWS is back with a new album Ver Sacrum, out via Dio Drone, Shove Records, Coypu Records and Hellbones Records.

Ver Sacrum is a path through destruction, emptiness and rebirth. The whole album is mostly a studio live recording that preserves the rage and the deep emotions coming from the true core of the band. With Ver Sacrum, Wows pushes the boundaries set with the previous work AION and go further in the research of the atmospheric sound and the aggressiveness of their live performances.

Link to video:

The band comment: “Mythras” is the most aggressive and extreme song we’ve ever written. It represents the first and necessary step for every rebirth process. The lyrics describes a world devastated by pollution and famine, a sun obscured by thick black smoke overlooks the profound destruction of Earth when the mankind takes its last breath. Elide Blind, with her lo-fi grained black and white landscapes and disturbing figures, well succeded on describing with images the emotions what Mythras truly represents.

The album is coming out in April via Dio Drone, Shove Records, Coypu Records and Hellbones Records.

Elysium 3.20
Mythras 9.00
Vacuum 6.22
Lux Æterna 13.38

Artwork: Paolo Girardi.

10 aprile – Arci Dalló (Mantova)
11 aprile – Titty Twister (Firenze)
12 aprile – Bahnhoff Live (Padova)
13 aprile – Mikasa (Bologna)

w/ Hate&Merda, Wojtek


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