Wormwood - Nattarvet - Album Review
Wormwood - Nattarvet - Album Review9
Wormwood - Nattarvet - Album Review9
Wormwood - Nattarvet - Album Review9
Wormwood - Nattarvet - Album Review9
Wormwood - Nattarvet - Album Review9
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What better to do on (probably) the hottest day ever in the UK, than cool down with some chilling and icy Blackened Metal and what better band to provide this darkened release than Wormwood with their second full-length release and third release in total.

Having formed in 2014 and creating some waves in Stockholm by releasing The Void – Stories From The Whispering Wellin 2015 the band felt like they had more to offer so in 2017 they released Bleeding Earth which sent a chilly wave further afield and gained the band some impressive traction. Backed up by some serious European touring, in 2108 the live shows reduced to allow time for the musical ideas to flourish into what has become known as Nattarvet.

Creating a personal released which is based on people forgotten, people isolated and the harsh reality of severe winters in Sweden, the album kicks off with ‘Av Lie Och Börda’ which starts as a slow burner before the guitar kicks in and a mid-paced drum is heard, creating an atmospheric welcome before the sounds of true Black Metal begin on the vocals, followed by a riff that the track then grows on and really comes into its own. This 7 ½ minute track should give you a really good idea of what is come for the remaining 6 tracks, with the album lasting in total around 54 minutes.

 ‘Arctic Light’ is a more traditional Black Metal pace as the gravelly vocals continue to provide frostbite to the eardrums as the instruments provide a bleak but hypnotic sound that transfixes the mind as the melodies begin to take you away on a chilling adventure and the harshness of the drums on the opposite end of the spectrum remind us of the beauty sometimes found when two extremes collide.

‘The Isolationist’ closes the release, weighing in just shy of an impressive 11 ½ minutes and starts with an enchanting instrumental before kicking in the chill factor again and taking us on a magical journey into the iciest corners of not just the Scandinavian Black Metal scene but the world over. Providing a softened edge allows for the full extent of the harsh sections to chill you to the core. This is intelligent Black Metal that basks in the glory of being truly expressive and allowing the music to dictate the direction though the frost ridden tundra.

Ed Ford

Nattarvet is released 26th July 2019 via Black Lodge Records


Track List

  1. Av lie o börda
  2. I bottenlös ävja
  3. Arctic Light
  4. The Achromatic Road
  5. Sunnas hädanfärd
  6. Tvehunger
  7. The Isolationist





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