Wormhole // The Weakest Among Us // Album Review
Wormhole // The Weakest Among Us // Album Review9
Wormhole // The Weakest Among Us // Album Review9
Wormhole // The Weakest Among Us // Album Review9
Wormhole // The Weakest Among Us // Album Review9
Wormhole // The Weakest Among Us // Album Review9
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Having formed in Baltimore, Maryland in 2015, Wormhole has taken two sub-genres of Death Metal in the form of Slam and Tech Death and forged them into a supergenre that not only intrigues but also impresses massively. This blend arose when guitarists Sanil Kumat and Sanjay Kumar were joined by Vulvodynia vocalist Duncan Bentley and Calum Forrest from Engorging The Autopsy and some 12 months later the debut album Genesis was unleashed on the world. 

2017 saw the band grow with Matt Tillett joining on the drums and then some intense tours followed across Europe, Canada and the United States, before bassist Basil Chiasson and NoiSays vocalist Ansh Goswami joined the mix, providing a live lineup and now 2020 sees the exciting release of the new album The Weakest Among Us.

Before pressing play, if you are a fan of Slam or Tech Death, you have every right to be very excited at what is about to happen, If you aren’t sure about Slam or Tech Death, hold onto your hats as you are about to be beaten to a pulp in a very precise fashion.

Blasting off with the albums title track, it is clear that neither influence has suffered for the creation of this music, with the fast-fingered, intricate fretwork, incredibly paced drumming and then the guttural vocal over it all works very well, along with that Slam type sound. 

This format continues to confuse and amaze all at the same time as you aren’t sure whether to get your hammers out or marvel at the incredible musical structures that the tracks are built around. The deep and dank sections of the tracks are as filthy as you will find and are the perfect contrast to the slick and nimble technical side of the release. You won’t know whether to gurn or, stomp or just let your face get melted as the vocals go from ‘pig’ based to ‘cricket’ based, but whatever form they arrive in, they are nothing short of fantastic.

This 8 track offering will delicately work its way into your head with the technicality, sucking you into this mind-bending trance before the slam hits and fucks everything up in magnificent fashion and a way that is hard to fathom, especially when the blast beats are confusing your mind, like an audible strobe light. 

We may only be at the start of the year, but The Weakest Among Us is already in my list for Album Of The Year and is a must-hear for any fan of the Brutal side of Death Metal.

Ed Ford


The Weakest Among Us is released January 17th 2020 via Lacerated Enemy Records.


Track List

1. The Weakest Among Us 

2. rA9/myth 

3. D-S3 

4. Wave Quake Generator Plasma Artillery Cannon 

5. The Gas System 

6. Ultrafrigid 

7. Quad MB 

8. Ingswarm






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