World’s First Cinema Release New EP ‘Palm Reader’ via Fearless Records

World’s First Cinema
Release New EP ‘Palm Reader’
via Fearless Records 
Stream Now
Today, World’s First Cinema have released their new EP Palm Reader via Fearless Records. Featuring previously-released singles “Holy Water,” “SOS,” and “Palm Reader,” Palm Reader conjures up a vision with blockbuster appeal and indie heart throughout its one-of-a-kind mix of boisterous rock and soundtrack-style orchestration. World’s First Cinema draws their audience further into their world with the award-worthy music video for “Palm Reader” and new live version of “Holy Water,” both of which were filmed in the gorgeous Los Angeles Theatre.

With the ‘Palm Reader’ EP we aimed to find the crossroads between Rock, EDM, Pop and a sweeping brand of Cinematic production; a unique sound we’ve been exploring since our conception,” says the band. “Each song is a small window into the world we’re building, like little vignettes that each tell their own tale. This EP will show the breadth of what we create, taking you from the vulnerable and dramatic all the way to the spectacularly theatrical.”

We hope you get that post-movie feelingAfter it’s over, you’re light on your feet. You don’t know what hit you, but you’re awestruck, and you want more.”

Palm Reader is available to stream now at

Palm Reader Tracklist:
1. S.O.S.
2. Palm Reader
3. Holy Water
4. Love You Now
5. Love You Now (Twilight)

When you watch a movie in a crowded theater, you give your undivided attention to the experience itself. Your senses lock into the action on the screen and the sound from the speakers, and you’re completely immersed. World’s First Cinema replicate the moviegoing experience in their music. The Los Angeles-based duo—John Sinclair and Fil Thorpe—project a myriad of intimate emotions across widescreen soundscapes underpinned by scenes of alternative, indie, pop, and electronic. After amassing over 20 million streams and counting and earning widespread acclaim from WONDERLAND., EUPHORIA., Earmilk, The Line of Best Fit, and many more.

For me, our name elicits a visual,” states Fil. “Imagine a bunch of people sit down in a room. They don’t know what they’re doing, but they’re pointed towards a screen. A film plays, and everyone’s mind is fucking blown. That’s the feeling we want to give. We want hearing our music to be similar to the sensation of going to a movie for the first time ever.”

We really tried to capture the sensation of sitting in a theater, hearing the opening credits rumble on that bass, and viewing the story in a song,” agrees John.

The pair’s origin story is like something out of a classic flick…

A mutual friend invited John and Fil to a game night, and they naturally started chatting. A few weeks later, they met up for a session, cooking up their 2020 debut single “Can’t Feel Anything.” It eventually generated 2.2 million Spotify streams followed by “Red Run Cold” with 7.5 million Spotify streams. Both songs adorned their debut Rituals EP in 2021. They inspired tastemaker praise with “Supernatural.” Of the latter, The Line of Best Fit urged, “think Panic! at the Disco meets Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ – it’s fun, funky and spooky,” and WONDERLAND. attested, “the L.A.-based duo are redefining pop one theatrical rock melody at a time.” Carrying this momentum into 2022, “Young Beast” generated 1.7 million Spotify streams, and they teamed up with Punctual for the fan favorite “Castles.”

Along the way, the guys crafted what would become Palm Reader.

The last EP was very dark and more guitar-driven,” Fil notes. “There was a spooky horror influence. This one is a step away from the darkness. We’re showing we have another side with dreamier tracks.”

John elaborates, “It’s a chance to expand on what we’ve already done and explore new territory. We’re painting a vignette into the future of what we want World’s First Cinema to sound like, while keeping a handle on where we came from.”

In the end, World’s First Cinema present an escape worthy of the big screen, and you’ll never want the credits to roll.

Palm Reader is available now via Fearless Records at

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