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The latest album from Words That Burn is an absolute powerhouse, combining elements of rock, thrash, metalcore and even some electro to create a stunning album.

The album opens with the blistering “Den Of Lions” that kicks the ever-living daylights out of you with its massive drum beat, crunching riffs and a bass line that hits you right in the chest, MacRuairi kills it on vocals as he goes from screaming to clean in the blink of an eye, a real statement of intent.

Coming in at a hundred miles an hour “Sunshine” takes the baton and runs, savage vocals once again paired with the killer rhythm of Christy’s drums and Murphy’s bass lays the foundations for a real contender for track of the album. “Play God” is a phenomenal track; opens with a thunderous drum beat before MacRuairi comes softly in over the top which then changes to a Corey Taylor-style scream, as the chorus hits the song changes direction again with a synth riff and mellower, in the loosest sense of the word, vocals, the drums really drive the backend of the track, the power is so intense it’s crazy, what makes the track so cool are the changes in style and direction.

The bass alone on “Sirens” is enough to send you bonkers and it does, but there is so much more to it than that; there is a great rhythm that runs throughout in the shape of cool riffs and an infectious drum beat, MacRuairi brings his A game as he goes from melodic to gruff with ease, this is one of the best tracks you will hear all year from any band. The chugging riffs, thumping bass and pounding drums of “The Cavalry Ain’t Comin” hit you full force right from the off giving you a heavy as fuck rhythm with a nice little synth twist running in the background, the vocals from MacRuairi are off the hook once again as he switches it up between screamed, guttural and clean, another killer track.

Pairing a rumbling bass line with the keys on “You’re On Your Own” gives you a kicking rhythm that is backed up by a savage drum beat, add some cutting riffs and you have an absolute rager. “Fire At Will” brings the electro big time so much so that if you take the metal out this would be a dance track playing on the radio, a nice curve ball. “To Night” brings the heavy back with an alt/metalcore cracker that will shake your bones; MacRuairi goes above and beyond here as he slips effortlessly between vocal styles, while his bandmates create a perfect wall of sound for him to shine. “Thicker Skin” lures you in with a soft ballad-style opening before exploding into a powerful guitar-driven beast that has some cool style changes throughout the track, with a mix of electro, thrash and alt-rock, a brilliant track that showcases the band’s ability. Closing the album in much the same fashion as the rest of it is “Michael”; an explosive Parkway Drive-styled animal that absolutely kills, chugging riffs with blasting drums mixed with a fantastic electro beat, the only bad thing about this is that it is the last song.


“Cut Throat Culture” is out on the 16th of March via Blood Blast Distribution/Believe Digitaland and is an absolute must-have, one of if not the best album you will hear all year!


Preorder the album here: https://wordsthatburn.bfan.link/cut-throat-culture


Review: Conor

The full album track listing is as follows:

Den of Lions
The Cavalry Aint Coming
Youre On Your Own
Fire At Will
To Night
Thicker Skin

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Words That Burn are:

Roni MacRuairi Vocals/Guitar

Ger Murphy Bass/Vocals

Jason Christy Drum

Shane Martin Guitar






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