Brit riff slingers WOLVES DON’T SLEEP ( ) have just released an explosive metalled-up version of Panic! At The Disco’s track, ‘Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time’

With this in mind, we asked vocalist Steev Bond for his top five tracks that have helped to shape the band’s sound:


Wage War – Stitch: When I first heard this song and showed it to the rest of the band it really gave us kick to get better as a band upon hearing how modern metalcore bands were killing it and how we should aim to be at a minimum. Also, that breakdown SLAPS!



Being As An Ocean – This Loneliness Won’t Be The Death Of Me – This song represents the dynamics we try to create within our songs with clean and heavy sections, bringing in multiple styles of vocals and the overall depth and heart to the lyrics.




The Ghost Inside – Mercy- one of the best bands out there that just constantly inspire you to push yourself and to stay strong lyrically and we’ve needed that over these past few years. along with having the best choruses and certain vocal lines that stand out, it’s just awesome.



Thy Art Is Murder- Holy War- taking the dark lead lines that build with the song and cut through the heaviness along with the technicality and brutality of the instrumentals alongside with the imagery of the album artwork and video to help add more to our songwriting and creative process.




Bleed From Within – Alive- so much love for these guys and they just continually inspire us to push ourselves to our limits as songwriters and are probably the band we listen to the most, the riffs in this song are just top tier and Ali’s drumming complements everything and opens up new possibilities.


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