Wolvencrown // A Shadow Oh What Once Was // EP Review


The Melodic Black Metal band from Nottingham have returned with the follow up to the debut full length 2019 release Of Bark and Ash with a three-track EP that is not solely to fill a gap before another full length but to show that the band are not going relinquish their place toward the upper echelons of the genre.

The band released their debut EP Wolvencrown in 2017, before the previously mentioned release in 2019 continued to display the impressive level of Atmospheric and Melodic Black Metal and build upon the promising foundation that had been laid and now the shroud of uncertainty and darkness is descending once again to lower the temperature with icy winds that will make the most hardened of Black Metal fans shudder from the chill.

As the EP opens with ‘A Shadow Of What Once Was pt.1’ the sharp cold snap begins as the haunting style of Black Metal begins with a traditional Scandinavian style of Black metal as the echoes from the sparse forests begin to fill the space around you like a sinister fog with droning guitars, powerful drums, a deep bass tone and a distant vocal. This 5-minute track continues to draw you into the emptiness as you feel the hopelessness from the darkness.

This is followed up with ‘A Shadow Of What Once Was pt.2’ which is a near 6-minute continuation that gains intensity and power. The striking sound drags you further into the unknown dense emptiness as its hooks are fully submerged into your soul with this stunning example of the genre.

The EP closes with a 7-minute instrumental ‘Coming To An End’ which is a disturbing and equally melodic piece that hypnotises and plants an unnerving feeling into your mind. As you admire the haunting beauty that this final track displays you can’t help but feel totally submerged into the Wolvencrown world.

This mind-blowing EP firmly cements Wolvencrown as one of the most important Atmospheric Black Metal bands, not only in the UK but in the scene worldwide. The quality rivals anything from across the spectrum of Black Metal including that of its origins, both respecting and building on those days gone by.

I would encourage any fans of the genre to give A Shadow Of What Once Was a listen but be prepared to be drawn into the murky undergrowth.


Ed Ford


A Shadow Of What Once Was will be released on February 26th via Clobber Records.


Track list

  1. A Shadow Of What Once Was pt.1
  2. A Shadow Of What Once Was pt.2
  3. Coming To An End


Nick – Vocals, Guitar
Will – Keyboard
Matt – Drums
Reece – Bass
Jack – Guitar

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Wolvencrown // A Shadow Oh What Once Was // EP Review
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