Finnish metal band Wolfhorde released their second album  “Hounds of Perdition”.
The album wakes you up into a nihilistic dystopia of the dying world. The world of Hounds of Perdition is roaming with strange creatures and few people in the snowy and gruesome fields of nothingness.
With their new album Wolfhorde go deeper into experimenting the world of music from unheard perspectives. Prepare to be surprised by variety of styles of metal with groove, rock attitude, cinematic atmosphere and highly improvised passages with top class production.

The band also released a new video for track KILL THE LIGHT

Werihukka comments:
“Judging by the comments of reviewers, friends, foes and the band members themselves, Wolfhorde’s “Kill The Light” reminds of Sonata ArcticaSabatonTarotNorther, Rocky movie soundtrack and many others.

Take a listen to the song by this official lyric video and make your own judgements.
What resemblances can you find?”

Watch earlier released music video for “Doctor of the Plague”:
Track list
1. Chimera
2. Doctor of the Plague
3. Black Song
4. Towers of Silence
5. Forged in Ice
6. Kill the Light
7. Hounds of Perdition
lbum cover art by Juha-Matti Koppelomäki
Werihukka – Guitar and other instruments
Hukkapätkä – Vocals and Drums
Nuoskajalka – Bass

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