Wolf // Feeding The Machine // Album Review
Wolf // Feeding The Machine // Album Review 8
Wolf // Feeding The Machine // Album Review 8
Wolf // Feeding The Machine // Album Review 8
Wolf // Feeding The Machine // Album Review 8
Wolf // Feeding The Machine // Album Review 8
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Wolf is back after a six-year hiatus with their eighth studio release, a straight-up mix of old school rock and speed metal. “Shoot To Kill” picks up where they left off a few years back with up-tempo riffs and Niklas Stalvinds distinctive vocal sound, a pretty good way to kick things off. “Guillotine” has an entrancing beat and melody that draws you in, with some cracking guitar work and Stalvinds oft snarled vocals it is a contender for track of the album.

“Dead Man’s Hand” has a menacing undertone lending to a creepy atmosphere, with chugging riffs, blasting drums and some cool lead guitars it is a really good track.”Midnight Hour” is a really powerful track, again riffs to die for lead the way with a solid drum beat backing everything up and a nice solo to tie it all together. “Mass Confusion” opens up with some seriously groovy guitars before Stalvinds comes in to lead us on a merry dance between a funky bass and drum beat and guitars that are just on a different level. “The Cold Emptiness” rips with a pulsating drum beat that runs throughout and with the guitars playing off one another it gives the song a melodic but powerful feeling, an excellent track. Title track “Feeding The Machine” speeds things up a little with ripping riffs that sit nicely with a banging bassline, it sounds exactly like if Megadeth and Iron Maiden had a love child, a great track. “Devil In The Flesh” is another hyped up, a speedier track with crashing drums, grinding riffs and Stalvinds giving it socks on the vocals. “Spoon Bender” is probably the worst track on here, not just for the title alone, it just doesn’t gel with the other tracks and the chorus is just off.

“The Raven” corrects the previous wrong by blasting you right in the face with thumping drums, buzzing bass and gritty riffs all the while Stalvinds enthralls you with his vocal prowess added to that a blinding solo and all in all you have the best track on the album. “Black Widow” keeps the intensity going with a galloping drum beat, funky riffs, and a cool solo. “A Thief Inside” closes out the album must like is started, on the up, big fat riffs and pounding drums lead the way with a snarling Stalvinds laying it on thick as a brilliant solo leads us to the softly sung closing.


Feeding The Machine is out 13th March everywhere Via Century Media Records


Wolf are:

Niklas Stalvind Vocals, guitars

Simon Johansson Guitars

Pontus Egberg Bass

Johan Koleberg Drums






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