WITCHERY release remastered track ‘A Paler Shade of Death’ taken from the album “Dead, Hot And Ready”

Today Swedish Blackened Thrash act WITCHERY release ‘A Paler Shade of Death’ from their remastered album “Dead, Hot And Ready”, which was originally released in 1999. Listen to the track here:https://youtu.be/RY1eOLTmEVc

On March 27th , 2020, almost twenty years after their first release it´s time to re-introduce the classic Heavy-Metal pieces “Restless & Dead”, “Witchburner EP”, “Dead, Hot And Ready” and Symphony For The Devil” by WITCHERY with remastered sound as well as reworked artworks and rare photos. All albums feature the iconic artwork of Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin and contain detailed liner notes from band members as well as close fellows.

All records can be pre-ordered here:


WITCHERY online:


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