Wisdom In Chains formed in 2001 as somewhat of an international side project among members of pa/hc legends Krutch and Holland bruisers Dare Devil. The concept slowly took on a life of it’s own and by 2005 Wisdom In Chains had solidified a US lineup that was more a hardcore super group than a new band in the scene. The Pennsylvania underground officially had it’s new voice, and the bands second studio album “Die Young” was the soundtrack that crowned the band kings of Pennsylvania Hardcore, where they still remain undisputed 17 years later. Running the gamut of profile labels like Eulogy Recordings and I Scream Records the bands do or die blue collar work ethic paid off as they rose through the ranks and were soon doing main support tours with NY royalty Sick Of It All and Madball to name a few. By 2010 Wisdom In Chains was headlining their own tours in Europe and have since become a key fixture on every US Hardcore Festival. 2018 will witness the bands much anticipated 7th studio Album titled – “Nothing In Nature Respects Weakness” backed by the ultra hyped Fast Break! Records in the U.S. and buzz worthy Demons Run Amok in Europe.


The ruling kings of Pennsylvania hardcore return from battle in small town called Tobyhanna, victoriously carrying with them their 7th studio album. Stories of hard earned lessons, and stories loss are sung in their anthems and tales, backed by a fresh infectious approach in their vision of hardcore. “Nothing In Nature Respect’s Weakness” marks a continued evolution for Wisdom In Chains as tired clichés about the genre are left to burn like heretics. Staying true to their unwritten oath, the band maintains a hard-line mix with their oi / punk hooks and choruses, unleashing explosive energy in succession on all 13 tracks, that continue to bring new sounds to the roots of traditional hardcore.

1. Life Lessons
2. Already Dead
3. Someday
4. Better Than I Was
5. Ultimatum
6. The Boy And The Cave
7. Heart Of A Champion
8. Slow Drown
9. Palisades Cliffs
10.Turn My Back
12.Duck Down Stay Down
13.Halfway There

Wisdom In Chains
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