“Socially aware lyrics and planet-hopping instrumentation makes for the most refreshing sound heard in ages” – Classic Rock Magazine
The UK based Wille & The Bandits is proving to be a powerful trio of musicians that are bringing a unique style of jam band rock and blues flavor. They have been busy making waves in the UK and are about to unleash their US debut album Paths on August 2 alongside a trek of US shows this summer. “It’s a great honor to tour the USA, for us it’s a dream come true to play where so many of our musical idols come from” says Wille Edwards
 “With their first States-based single recently released, popular UK rockers Wille & The Bandits are crossing the pond and expanding their music on a global scale. From performing at the Glastonbury Festival to showcasing their musical talents at the London Olympics, the trio of undefinable genre hoppers have been wowing fans in their home country for nearly a decade, but now it’s time to take their rootsy vibe – to the United States, the country where much of their sonic influences originate from”  – Open the Truck
See the video for their song “One Way” here: https://youtu.be/_hCnnNlg-2M

The band features Wille Edwards on lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, electric lap steel, dobro, Matt Brooks on bass and backing vocals, Andrew Naumann on drums, percussion and backing vocals. The group was deemed one of the Top Ten bands to see live at Glastonbury Festival by BBC Radio and have toured with Deep Purple, Status Quo, Joe Bonamassa, the John Butler Trio, and Warren Haynes to name a few.
The trio manages to encompass musical diversity and adopts the musical essence, nostalgia, and discovery of the late ’60s and ’70s as they mix Rock n’ Roll with a more modern approach. “I feel that we have finally managed to capture the various soundscapes and unusual instrumentation of our sound in the studio without losing the raw, live energy of WATB” – Wille Edwards 
“Wille & The Bandits will not disappoint as it solidifies it’s blues-rock sound and explores other musical areas.” – Rock at Night
Throughout a performance the band can be seen playing a range of instruments, sometimes simultaneously, switching between various guitars, basses, and percussion within the same song, giving the audience an explosive and memorable live show.
“Whoever said Rock N Roll is dead obviously hasn’t heard Wille & the Bandits.” – HRH Magazine
US dates:
August 24         Playing with Fire Festival       Omaha, NE
August 25         Triple Crown Whisky Bar       Davenport, AI
August 26         Rochaus                                      West Dundee, IL
August 27         Melody Inn                                 Indianapolis, IN
August 28         Brickyard BBQ & Bar               Knoxville, TN
August 29         TBA                                               Nashville, TN
August 30         Smith’s                                         Atlanta, GA
August 31          The Cave                                      Chapel Hill, NC                                           
September 3     Iridium                                         New York, NY
Follow them at:
Facebook: @willeandthebandits.official
Instagram: @willeandthebandits

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