Wiegedood // There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road // Album Review


When you make a decision to name your band as a translation from Dutch for “death In the cradle”, also known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, you know that you are going to have to keep things extreme and disturbing.

Having released their debut full length De Doden Het Good in 2015, the second part of the trilogy was unleashed in 2017 before it was completed in 2018.

There has been a live album followed by a couple of singles and now is the time for the fourth full length by the Belgian trio.

If ever a band push extreme music beyond anything else, the Wiegedood are that band and if you are not prepared to pummelled from start to finish then you will be left a nervous wreck in the corner.

As ‘FN Scar 16’ slams down your ears, the shrieking and the slaughtering riffs begin to slash at your face as if your have been face planted in barbed wire. The riffs are dangerously engaging and just don’t let go and become almost hypnotising as they continue to bury deep into your brain and into the central nervous system. The havoc that they wreak when there is irreparable and you’re not even one track through yet.

This monstrosity is not about to let up either, with crippling extreme sounds and a vocal that would give your nightmares nightmares, the result is something that is brilliantly disturbing.

This assault is one that will last around 44 minutes and contains 9 different forms of attack, all of which have genuinely destructive power and the psychological effects of the sound is yet to be fully understood.

As Black Metal goes this is up there with the most disturbing and extreme, not solely for the content but the way that it is expressed is downright vile, yet undeniably brilliant.

If you are looking to have your eyes opened then There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road will not only do that but also rip them out before smashing them with a hammer and returning the destroyed mess to your eyes sockets.

You won’t be the same after listening to this album, but it is such a powerhouse of a Black Metal album that it may just change everything and it will certainly change you.

Wiegedood have created something that will leave life changing marks but will also have you reaching back for the play button over and over again.

Ed Ford

There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road will be release Friday 14th January 2022 via Century Media.


Track list

  1. FN SCAR 16
    2. And in Old Salamano’s Room, The Dog Whimpered Softly
    3. Noblesse Oblige Richesse Oblige
    4. Until It Is Not
    5. Now Will Always Be
    6. Wade
    7. Nuages
    8. Theft and Begging
    9. Carousel





Wiegedood // There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road // Album Review
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