Wicked Stone // Synergy // Album Review


It’s been a long 5 years since the debut album from Wicked Stone was released to the world and it’s now time for their second album to greet us. The band has seen some changes in their lineup and progression with their sound but is still the same band at its core.

The lead single from Synergy, “Say Goodbye to Yesterday” is the perfect welcome backtrack to kick-start the album. As we head through to “Not Alone 24”, this offers a harder-hitting edge to the band with influences from early Bullet For My Valentine. There is definitely an edgier sound to the band’s style however you can still tell who it is. The heavier riffs continue with “Reclaim The Crown ” while Joe Hawx’s voice has matured into epic-sounding vocals. The more ballad-like tracks on the album such as “Now You’re Gone” allow Hawx’s voice to really shine however as the deep lyrics capture your attention. Throughout the album, the band continues to push those heavy-hitting riffs with choruses that are bound to get stuck in your head. “Going Wild” is a perfect example of this as the band plays with isolated catchy riffs and lyrics that are sure to have you chanting and singing along. “Adrenaline” and “It’s Not Enough” close out the album but leave you wanting more and putting the whole album on repeat to rock out all over again.

It’s safe to say that Wicked Stone has once again delivered an incredible album which stands tall in the modern rock arena. From start to finish the hooks and melodies grab you and pull you into the music leaving you banging your head in the mood to head to a live show.

Synergy is released Friday, June 17th

Review: Emmie Ellis



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