Why Everyone Left ​​- ​This Is Not A Test​ - Album Review
Why Everyone Left ​​- ​This Is Not A Test​ - Album Review9
Why Everyone Left ​​- ​This Is Not A Test​ - Album Review9
Why Everyone Left ​​- ​This Is Not A Test​ - Album Review9
Why Everyone Left ​​- ​This Is Not A Test​ - Album Review9
Why Everyone Left ​​- ​This Is Not A Test​ - Album Review9
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Why Everyone Left ​​are here with their EP ​This Is Not A Test​. The pop punk band from Italy have already seen some success having toured with the likes of ​Four Years Strong ​​and Seaway​​ in Europe and the UK.

This Is Not A Test i​s an injection of feel good music that leaves you with the thoughts of enjoying long summer days. The band has captured the feel of those big riffs that just make you want to move. With strong beats holding the tracks it’s the vocal hooks that really drag you in. Tracks such as “Bouch” are the perfect example of this high energy that the band has captured into their sound. Influences such as ​A Day To Remember ​​can be heard throughout the album but the band makes their sound their own. They manage to pull the fun into the Pop Punk genre with tracks like “Whiskey & Coke” which is just a great drinking song. But it’s not all fun and games with these guys as they do touch on a more serious side in their writing with “Dead Inside”. While the music is infectious and energy filled the lyrics touch on struggling to open up about your feelings when you’re feeling low. Whereas “Pick You Up” takes on the other side, where the struggle lays when trying to help another through their difficulties. This shows that the band has a real sense of the world and puts that into their music as they navigate through life.

It’s very clear that ​Why Everyone Left ​​are a band who are serious about their music and have previously stated that they don’t see their music as a hobby. But it’s the music that speaks for itself. They have brought together a high energy sound that is completed with big riffs but also hits with relatable topics that many fans can relate to.





  1. Pick You Up
  2. Stand By
  3. Bouch
  4. Whiskey & Coke
  5. Dead Inside



Why Everyone Left Self-Release ‘This Is Not A Test’ On 02/11/18. Pre-Order at https://bit.ly/2wDD0y2

Currently Announced Live Dates: November 17th– Pop Punk Mosh Party/Release Show @ Circolo Mu, Parma, IT | November 24th– Centrale Rock Pub, Erba (CO), IT

More from Why Everyone left: Facebook| Twitter|Instagram  | Spotify

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